REVIEW, GIVEAWAY & CHARACTER INTERVIEW: The Sound of Shooting Stars by Heather Allen


Title: The Sound of Shooting Stars

Author:  Heather Allen

Genre:  Contemporary YA

Publication Date:  11 November 2013

Event organized by:  Into the Night Reviews


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Jamie Grey grew up tossed around between foster homes. At an early age he shut the world out, deciding he wouldn’t care. Whatever life had to throw at him, he would look the other way. Now his senior year is about to start and he’s been forced into yet another new home. This will be the last time, he assures himself. When an unexpected curveball comes his way in the form of a certain stubborn seventeen year old girl, Jamie soon finds out that life doesn’t always work out the way you plan it.

Beckett Chase has been entitled her entire life. Living in the plush landscape of Palm Beach, Florida, she’s never wanted for anything. She’s always taken what and who she wants with no remorse. When she sets her sights on Jamie Grey and she’s met with rejection, her descent from the top begins.

With a twist of events causing Jamie and Beckett’s worlds to collide, will they be able to put aside their differences or will fate intervene offering an entirely different option?


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Jamie, Jamie, Jamie stole my heart. What a beautiful human being. Truly I really loved him and felt for him from the mere beginning. A boy who has lived his life from foster house to foster house, not belonging no where. He feels out of place and is just hopping through the system. For the past six years he hasn’t had a stable place to call home, his most extended placement was when he was 6 until 12 but due to tragic circumstances he is again put in the foster care system. Living day by day not getting attached to no one is the only way he won’t get hurt.

Now At the age of 17 he only has 9 months to go until he finally is on his own and out of the system, but do to his bad luck in finding a suitable home for him he is once more forced to leave his current placement. Case worker Michelle pulls some strings, and favors, and finds him a home which he would never imagine living in. 

Becket Chase has lived a privileged life, always getting what she wants and when she wants it. She is spoiled, conceited, selfish and shallow. She drives and lives in luxury. From the moment we are introduced to her she comes off bitchy if you will. She is a popular girl along with her two other friends, Dani and Trina. From the get go you wonder how those three girls can call themselves friends. With friends like the three of them I would rather have me myself and I only. 

Jaime is thrust into Becket’s life as her parents have decided to foster him. Not liking the idea at all Becket makes it difficult for Jaime, even though she has an immediate attraction towards him, but being who she is she dismisses it and keeps being rotten towards him.

We witness how these two characters who have had totally different upbringings struggle with social differences, peer pressure, bullies, and all the ugly of high school. Teenage drama.

Throughout most of the story we see Becket struggle with her actions, with wanting to be good but giving in to vendetta. She does things that are mean and other things that are plane stupid. (Teenagers).

Jaime proves to be a good influence, we see them bond over stars and little things here and there, but once they step one foot in the right direction, Becket does something to jeopardize it and they have a lot of falling outs.

It is really easy to feel and connect with Jamie. With everything he has gone through and seen he is good boy with his head square on his shoulders. He is a genuine boy with a big heart and morals. He see’s the good in people, but he is not foolish either. A boy with a dream of fitting and being loved.

Becket, was a bit harder for me to understand her and agree with her actions, but I guess she just did what she was used to, and was being an adolescent. She does however have two sides to her, and it’s nice to get to see the sweet and nice side of her.

There where things in the story I didn’t agree with how the characters handled it, or brushed it off as no big deal, when it really was. As I didn’t fully understand the motives of someone wanting to jeopardize  Jamie’s last chance at a happy home, even though it was explained I still found it not acceptable on part of that particular character.

This story is told in both Jamie and Becket’s POV, which was nice, especially with how different theses two character’s were at the beginning.

I really enjoyed the introduction to each chapter. I loved the whole star theme. The author did a nice job in portraying two different social worlds and merging them together.

This book is about new beginnings, righting what’s wrong, second chances, love and what is written in the stars is what is meant to be.

Nice YA story!



*Interview Contains Spoiler*

An Interview with Beckett Chase from The Sound of Shooting Stars about Love and Friendship!

Hi Beckett! In the beginning of Stars you seemed to be on top of the social standing at your high school. How did you manage that?

B: I never had a hard time making friends. Really, most of us grew up together. Sam, Brett, Gabe, Cara and a bunch of us went to elementary and middle school together. We all changed through the years but most of us stayed pretty friendly. Where I was in high school seemed like the natural progression of things at the time.

So you thought it was natural for you to be above everyone else?

B: Well no, okay I guess for a while I did. I thought it was rightfully my place. I guess no one ever challenged me or told me differently.

When Dani came did things change?

B: (Squirms in her chair) Yeah, I’m ashamed of it now but things did change. I was a shitty friend to those who I had been friends with practically my whole life. I pretty much let her change things, which pisses me off. Sorry, I get pretty angry when I think about what she did.

Tell me about Jamie. How him moving into your house, changed things?

B:(chuckling) He changed things big time, didn’t he? I hated him when he got here. Looking back now I knew he was going to upset everything. I just didn’t know how and the only way I knew how to deal was to fight him on it.

When did you realize that you loved him and you wouldn’t be able to live without him?

B: (Smiling) That’s an easy one. If I think about it now, it happened when I fell from the chair. I know I was horrible to him after that but remember I dealt with things by acting without thinking. I didn’t want to love him. But watching him replace the star and point out the constellations, a piece of my heart melted.

Your friendship with Sam, Jamie’s friendship with Sam, all three of you went through so much, how has it all endured? Is she still bitter or angry?

B: That question would best be answered by Sam but I think that she has been through a lot of things in her life which has made her a very strong person. Both Jamie and I needed her at different times and she was strong for each one of us. Now, she seems happy and I don’t feel like she’s angry or bitter. Will we ever be like we were in middle school, probably not but her being a part of our life is so important for Jamie. Their friendship is as strong as it’s ever been.

Thank you for visiting Beckett!

B: My pleasure, make sure you check out The Sound of Shooting Stars to read about Jamie and me!

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  The Sound of Shooting Stars

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Heather Allen is the author of The Just Breathe Trilogy, and newly released- The Sound of Shooting Stars. Heather finally realized her dream of becoming an author only recently with her mermaid trilogy. She savors every moment on this new journey and the wonderful friends she has met along the way. She has many more books planned. More ideas pop up than she has time to write about.

Heather currently resides in the scorching hot state of Florida with her husband and three children. She holds degrees in education from The University of Central Florida and Nova Southeastern University. She is a hopeless romantic who loves to read just about anything, coffee and Jelly Belly jellybeans. When she isn’t teaching, writing or reading, Heather can be found at the beach or out on the water boating.





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